François Bastien

General Manager, Health, Public and parapublic markets

François Bastien graduated from Polytechnique School in 1977, majoring in industrial engineering. He began his career at Bell Canada as an outside plant engineer. He then spent more than 15 years in senior management positions for three major healthcare institutions including Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal where he has the CEO’s assistant until 1994. From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Bastien worked for the consulting engineering firm BPA (Bouthillette, Parizeau & associates), where he occupied the position of Vice-President, business development. He was also founder and president of its telecommunications subsidiary BPA Gescom Inc. Mr. Bastien joined CIM (Conseil en Immobilisation & Management, Inc.) at its founding in 1998 as a senior partner and Vice-President, consulting services, where he managed large scale projects while he was also very active in business development. CIM is a consulting firm in which more than eighty consultants offer a huge range of expertise in healthcare strategic planning as well as in technological and building assets project management. He was part of the planning team of the new CHUM where he acted as planning director for logistic services and for both information and medical technologies. His involvement with CIM leaded to many complex and major technical projects, which required communication skills and leadership.

Since June 2008, Mr. Bastien joined the TELUS team, as Sales General Manager, Health Sector, Public and Parapublic Market. Mr. Bastien leads the strategy and the management of the sales team. He works in close collaboration with other participants within the company in charge of many innovative solutions offered by TELUS to Quebec healthcare providers. He significantly contributed to TELUS’ expansion in this market. He played a major role in many compelling achievements such as the RITM implementation, the OACIS health electronic record deployment in five Québec regions (including Montréal) and many other telecommunications projects in hospitals. During his career, Mr. Bastien has developed strong leadership abilities and communication skills as well as a recognized expertise in technology assessment. He is a welcomed and much appreciated speaker in many events dedicated to healthcare managers.