EncrypGen Is Giving People Back Control Of Their Genetic Data

Ancestry sold 1.5 million DNA test kits between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When people submit their DNA to companies like Ancestry, they are agreeing to various terms and conditions that basically allow the company in question to share the data generated with whatever and whoever they want. For these companies, your genomic data is regarded as a company asset, meaning that companies are essentially claiming ownership of the genome of those users of their test kits. That’s a big problem. So how is this problem solved? EncrypGen is harnessing blockchain technology to return the ownership of genomic data to individuals and to empower you to control who and what gets access to your data no matter who provides your tests. Gene-Chain is intended to mediate the searching, storing, buying and selling of genomic data. A blockchain is a secure ledger that allows for the recording, time stamping and – critically – encrypting of data of any type.