Press releases

Quebec strengthens its leadership in personalized health care

The Quebec Network for Personalized Health Care (QNPHC) welcomes with enthusiasm two major initiatives in the development and implementation of personalized health care in Quebec, thereby strengthening Quebec global leadership in the sector. First, the Ste-Justine University Hospital Center (CHU) and Genome Quebec today announced the creation of the first integrated pediatric clinical genomic center in Canada, which will allow children and their parents to benefit from genomic discoveries for improved diagnosis, prevention and treatment of genetic diseases. This initiative is at the forefront of what is being done in the world currently. Second, the new National Research and Innovation Policy (PNRI), which was made public last week with investments of $3.7 billion over five years, will target personalized health care (PHC) as one of Quebec’s priority strategic sectors.Read More

The Quebec Network for Personalized Health Care Welcomes New $125 Million Partnership Fund for an Innovative, Healthy Quebec

This investment, announced as part of the 2013-2014 budget speech, will support the development of Quebec key assets in applied biopharmaceutical research, with a special focus on personalized health care. The details of the fund were presented yesterday by Minister Nicolas Marceau at the 2013 BIO International Convention in Chicago, in which the QNPHC is participating to promote Quebec’s strengths in personalized health care.Read More