Max Fehlmann

President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO, Max Fehlmann is leading the entire NEOMED initiative. He is in charge of the strategic planning and corporate development of both NEOMED and the NEOMED Institute. He will supervise the integration of the two entities in the local, national and international R&D communities. Formerly President and CEO of CQDM (a pre-competitive consortium in drug discovery regrouping 6 major pharmaceutical companies and 3 public institutions), Dr. Fehlmann has raised more than 45 M$ over the last 4 years and played a critical role in aligning emerging innovations from both academic institutions and SMEs with the needs of the industry.

During the last 35 years, the career of Dr. Fehlmann encompassed the 3 fundamental domains involved in NEOMED, from academic research (Forgarty International Fellow at Harvard Medical School, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Nice in France, Research Director at INSERM in France, with over 200 peer reviewed publications), SME management (founder and CEO of Aster Biotechnologies in France and CEO of Chronogen in Montreal) and Pharma R&D (VP R&D for Zambon Group in Italy for all pre-clinical, clinical and licensing activities of the group worldwide as well as founder of Z-cube, a corporate Venture fund linked to Zambon Group). Dr. Fehlmann obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from Université Laval in 1975, a Doctorat ès Sciences from the University of Nice (France) in 1981 and an MBA from HEC-CPA at Sophia Antipolis (France) in 1992. He received numerous scientific and business awards during his career in Europe and in Canada.