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New members on QNPHC’s board

QNPHC’s Chairman of the Board, David Levine, is pleased to announce the nomination of 3 new members of the board, Mr Paul L’Archevêque, MSSS, Mr Vratislav Hadrava, Pfizer Canada and Mr Serge Marchand, Génome Québec.


Welcome to the Training Platform for Health Professionals

Génome Québec and the Quebec Network for Personalized Health Care (QNPHC) have signed an agreement with Health Education England (HEE) ), who works across England to deliver high-quality education and training for the health and health care workforce.

This international partnership provides Québec with access to the recognized expertise of the United Kingdom, a pioneer in the development of training and education tools in the area of genomics and precision medicine. As part of this agreement, Génome Québec and the QNPHC have obtained translation and distribution rights for a French adaptation of their introductory online course in genomics pertaining to its current impact in clinical practice and its influence on the future of health care.

You can find the original version of this online training on the Health Education England Website.

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