News from the network

DNA at the Gym

A new study suggests that athletes using DNA-matched training improved their performance almost three times more than those on mismatched programs. The DNAFit program examines gene variants …Read More

The tumour trail left in blood

While researchers and clinicians are largely enthusiastic about using liquid biopsies to detect and monitor cancer, they aren’t quite ready yet to replace conventional biopsies, Nature News …Read More

News from RSSPQ

QNPHC’s Chairman of the Board, David Levine,is pleased to announce that Merck Canada decided to continue its financial contribution for the next three years.


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Personalized Health Care

THE 4PS OF PERSONALIZED HEALTH CARE Predictive: Identification of individual risks of developing certain diseases based on the person’s genetic profile and other personal information Preventive: Methods …Read More

A focal point on PHC

The Quebec Network for Personalized Healthcare (QNPHC) is taking part in what can rightfully be called a revolution in healthcare management by providing a focal point and …Read More